Reading Interest Inventory


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What best describes your attitude towards reading a book (when you get to choose the book)?*
    I love reading books!
    Reading is okay.
    There are other things I would rather do.
    I hate reading!

  1. How often do you read books on your own, for pleasure?*
    I read all the time!
    I read pretty often.
    Occasionally I read books.
    I hardly ever, or never, read books.

  1. How interesting is reading to you?*
    There are lots of interesting books out there, and I can get really caught up in a book.
    Sometimes I've found interesting books that have caught my attention.
    Most of the time it's boring.
    It's boring all the time!

  1. How often do you go to the public library?*
    all the time

  1. The amount of time we spend reading in school is - (think of your entire school career, not just Ni River)*
    too much
    just right
    not enough

  1. How difficult is the reading level of the books you have to read in school? (you may pick more than one answer, if necessary).*
    too hard
    just right
    too easy

  1. How much do you like to read each of these kinds of books, with 1 meaning "I dislike this kind of book" and 5 meaning "I love this kind of book"?*

          1 2 3 4 5    
      modern fiction   
      historical fiction   
      informational (nonfiction about a certain topic)   
      biography (about a famous person)   
      graphic novels (like cartoons)   
      fantasy (other worlds, imaginary people or animals, etc)   
      fiction about what the future might be like   
      adventure or survival stories   
      folk tales (sometimes feature animals, often from other countries)   

  1. What way do you prefer to read the assigned reading in your English class, with 1 meaning "I dislike this way" and 5 meaning "this is the best way"?*

          1 2 3 4 5    
      popcorn reading, around the classroom   
      read out loud with a buddy   
      teacher reads out loud, we follow along   
      listen to books on tape or playaway, follow along   
      read silently on my own   

  1. Would you get a book if you wanted to learn more about something?*

  1. What is your belief about your own reading ability?*
    I'm a good reader.
    I'm okay, not great.
    I'm not a good reader.

  1. What are some of the best books you've read?

  1. What are some authors you like?

  1. Other comments you would like to make about reading:

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