What do you think science is?

Look at the list of statements below. For each one state whether you agree, disagree or whether you are not sure about the statement. As you move on through the chapter, you can then check what you think now against what you read. Ask yourself at each stage whether what you are reading confirms what you think now, whether it clarifies what you think, or whether you disagree with what you are reading.

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  1. "Scientific knowledge is based solely on observation." 

  1. "As scientific knowledge progresses, it gets nearer to the truth." 

  1. "A subject is not a science unless you can do experiments in it." 

  1. "Science is about making explanations of the world around us." 

  1. "There is no such thing as scientific proof." 

  1. "There is such a thing as “the scientific method”." 

  1. "Biology, chemistry and physics are separate subjects." 

  1. "Scientific thinking is more about deduction than induction." 

  1. "No one can be both scientific and religious." 

  1. "Copernicus showed that Ptolemy was wrong." 

  1. "The theory of evolution by natural selection is “just a theory”." 

  1. "Economics is a science." 

  1. "Language is not very important to scientific knowledge." 

  1. "Einstein proved that Newton was wrong." 

  1. "Scientific thinking is a kind of thinking that occurs in all cultures around the world." 

  1. "Scientists should not be held responsible for the uses to which their discoveries are put." 

  1. "There is nothing in common between the methods of the scientist and those of the artist." 

  1. "The methods of the scientist are totally different to those of a mathematician." 

  1. "A scientist is under no obligation to share his knowledge with the public." 

  1. "History is not a science." 

  1. "All technology is based on science." 

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