Environmental Hall of Fame Nomination Form A

The Environmental Hall of Fame Is Coming to Your Community!

Vote for Planet Earth! You can Make a Difference in Two Ways!

1) Indicate the best idea to help the environment and planet earth (see Best Idea Survey on our website EnvironmentalHallofFame.net Home page) and

2) Help a local or national environmentalist you would like to honor receive the recognition, encouragement and inspiration they deserve to help planet earth.

If you wish to nominate more than three environmentalists, please use Environmental Hall of Fame Nomination Form B.

You can nominate someone from another community. Honorees who do not receive their Community Environmental Hall of Fame Award may be eligible to receive the HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award).

Each person sending in a nomination form will receive a link to the 10 top links to help the environment (in January).

Environmental Hall of Fame Award Criteria

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Please enter the name of an environmentalist(s) you would like to honor and their community (city and state) followed by the field number (see list below).

    Please consider giving an award to a school, student, or environmental club as one of your three choices. They would be presented with the HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award).

    Example: If you are nominating John Green from Eco Town, California who works in recycling, please enter: John Green, Eco Town, CA - 3*

  1. Please verify the field(s) you wish to nominate the environmentalist(s) for.*
    1 - Environmental Awareness (Media, Musicians, Actors, Artists, Authors)
    2 - Natural Capitalism
    3 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    4 - Sustainable Homes
    5 - Sustainable Buildings/Schools
    6 - Sustainable Health/Nutrition
    7 - Renewable Energy
    8 - Sustainable Transportation
    9 - Education for Sustainability/Environmental Curriculum
    10 - Sustainable Government/Mayor
    11 - Sustainable Communities
    12 - Environmental Stewardship

  1. Please include a link to the environmentalist's website and relevant links to articles about them, if possible.*

  1. Your Name (first and last)*

  1. Your Business Name*

  1. Your Email*

  1. Your Business or Home Phone*

  1. Your Cell Phone*

  1. Your Community (City and State)*

  1. I would like to choose the following level to Give the Award to my nominee.*
    Level A
    Level B
    Level C
    Level D
    Level E
    I need more info

  1. Which of the Green Megatrends Membership Benefits inspire you?*
    Tools to Help Your Community Go Green
    Giving Awards to Top Environmentalists in Your Community
    Giving Award to Green Members of Chamber of Commerce
    Receiving Customized Community Green Guide with Your Name on Cover and Feature in Guide
    Placing Photo of Your Top Idea to Help Your Community Go Green on the Cover
    Emailing 1000 Community Green Guides to Family, Friends and Clients
    Giving Hope Awards to School, Environmental Club, Students with Environmental Science Fair Exhibits
    Receiving Tools to Start or Help Your School's Environmental Club
    Receiving Green Business Certification
    Receiving Environmental 101 Certificate
    Receiving Green Home, Building or School Certificate
    Receiving Coaching to Help Achieve Your Company's Biggest Goal

  1. We would like to inspire thousands of people to nominate individuals for the National or their local Community Environmental Hall of Fame.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    If we use your idea, you will receive the Hero of Planet Earth Award (HOPE Award).*

  1. I would like to volunteer to help the National Environmental Hall of Fame or its related activities in one or more of the following areas:
    Starting a Local Chapter
    Emailing my list about the Nomination Form
    Giving HOPE Awards (Hero of Planet Earth Awards) to students and environmental clubs
    Contacting Nominees
    Computer or Internet
    Participate in the National Green Museum Exhibition
    Other (You can explain in #16)

  1. Which renewable energy and sustainability programs are you interested in for your personal use? Please check all that apply.
    Rain Catchment
    Energy Efficiency
    Green Construction
    Other (You can explain in #16)

  1. We welcome any additional comments or suggestions. You can recommend the most important initiative to help planet earth (see Question #1). You may also add a link to information that can be included in our Community Green Guide.