Technology Survey (le 3 novembre)



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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How much do you enjoy using technology? (choose one)
    A lot
    Not a lot
    Not at all

  1. Which of these technologies to you have regular access to outside of school? (check all that apply)
    Computer with internet access
    mp3 player/iPod
    video camera
    digital camera

  1. Where can you access the internet at least two times per week.? (check all that apply*
    at home
    at a family member's house
    at a friend's house
    none of the above

  1. How often do you have access to a computer outside of the school day? (choose one)
    Never or almost never

  1. Which of these types of programs could you use to complete a project? (check all that apply)
    audio editing (Garage Band, Audacity)
    video editing (MovieMaker, iMovie)
    photo editing (Photoshop, Paint)

  1. How comfortable are you with learning new technologies/computer programs? (choose one)
    Very comfortable
    Kind of comfortable
    Not very comfortable
    Not at all comfortable

  1. What kinds of projects or programs would you like to do in class this year?

  1. What other information would you like to share with me about this class? (concerns, questions, comments, etc.)

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