Algebra 2010 - 2011


  1. What period are you in?

  1. Which tests do you still need to pass?
    I have passed ALL my tests!!!!!!!
    Unit 1
    Unit 2
    Unit 3
    Unit 4

  1. I will...
    For sure pass this semester. I've already passed all my tests so I am guaranteed to pass!
    MOST LIKELY get all my tests passed this semester.
    Possibly pass this semester. I have a couple of tests to pass and I am going to work hard to get them passed.
    possibly FAIL this semester. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get all my tests passed.
    FAIL. There is just no way.

  1. My parents know what my grade is in Algebra

  1. When are you going to come in to work on your tests?

    TUESDAY 1/18 is pretty much your last chance to pass these tests. I will stay late this day.
    I can NOT stay late on Wednesday and I think I will not be here Thursday 1/20 after school at all.
    I am not.
    Monday 1/10 Lunch
    Monday 1/10 After School
    Tuesday 1/11 Lunch
    Tuesday 1/11 After School
    Wednesday 1/12 Lunch
    Wednesday 1/12 After School
    Thursday 1/13 Lunch
    Thursday 1/13 After School (Mrs. Keeler might have a meeting and possibly can not stay late)
    Friday 1/14 AFTER SCHOOL
    Friday 1/14 STAY LATE after school. (Mrs. Keeler will stay until 5 or so)
    Saturday 1/15 8:30am come for Saturday School
    Tuesday 1/18 Lunch
    Tuesday 1/18 AFTER SCHOOL (Mrs. Keeler will stay late this day)

    Note: Tuesday is the last day Mrs. Keeler can stay late after school, consider Tuesday your last chance to get the tests passed.

    Wednesday 1/19 Lunch
    Wednesday 1/19 After School
    Thursday 1/20 Lunch
    Thursday 1/20 After School (Note: Mrs. Keeler will NOT be here after school)

  1. It is VERY possible to get all your tests passed by the end of the semester. BUT you have to work at it.... Do NOT wait until the last minute.

    tips for success

      Many students retake and then retake without going over the test with Mrs. Keeler. This is foolish. If you don't get help before the retake you will probably get the same results
    2. Have Mrs. Keeler grade your retake RIGHT AWAY.
      Sometimes you can talk her into giving you more points if you sit at the computer and grade it together.
      If you can't go over it with her right away find a time to go over it with her ASAP
    3. Go to and click on ACTIVITIES on the side. Do the reviews and quizzes to study.

    Please explain your plan to make sure that you pass this semester.

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