Semester 1 Biology Case Study

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  1. Thinking about this current school year...Where you given unit vocabulary and objectives for each unit?

  1. Were the unit sheets helpful in your learning?

  1. Did assignments relate to what was discussed in class?

  1. Did your teacher ask and answer questions in class?

  1. Was your teacher flexible in terms of accepting late assignments?

  1. Were the yellow sheets helpful when writing your paper?

  1. Which of the following would best describe your feelings about science at the beginning of the year?
    2 past experiences have not been the best
    3 Great
    4-Awesome, I have always loved science
    1 2 3 4

  1. Past practices have been for students to do homework and for the teacher to check to see if it is complete or not. How would you rate this method of collecting and grading homework?
    1 Bad- No feedback, I do it just to do it and sometimes even copy others work.
    2. Not the best-It works but I do not tend to learn from it.
    3. This is the best way to do homework and learn.
    1 2 3

  1. How would you rate quia as a homework option?
    1-I did not like the system and would prefer just writing out my answers.
    2- I prefer quia over other options for homework.
    3-Quia did force me to learn. Not every quia session was the best but I did prefer getting feedback instantly.
    1 2 3

  1. During the year we participated in a case study regarding cholera. This required you to ask and answer question for every unit. It was also designed to help you connect concepts in the unit and between units. Was it successful?
    1-No, but I would not have learned anything no matter what.
    2- No, it was not well organized and therefore did not connect.
    3- Yes, this did help me connect concepts within units and connect between units.
    4-Yes, this was great...It helped being able to not only connect concepts and units but it was also pretty interesting.
    1 2 3 4

  1. How would you rate your teacher this year?
    1-Not well organized, never listened to students, was rarely present both mentally and physically.
    2-I have had better science teachers in the past.
    3-Ok, the teacher did what other teachers do for students to be successful.
    4-Pretty good teacher, listens to students comments, designed interesting lessons and provided an opportunity to learn.
    1 2 3 4

  1. In the space provided give one thing the teacher did well and give one thing the teacher could improve upon.

  1. In the space provided indicate one thing you would change about the organization of the case study.

  1. Indicate one thing you liked about the case study.

  1. Give your teacher an overall assessment of how they performed for the semester. Good, Bad and Ugly. Try to be constructive with criticism.

  1. How would you rate your science experience this year compared to the past?
    1-I hate science no matter who is teaching it...even Bill Nye!
    2 Past years have been ok but this year I did not learn a thing!
    3 Good-Science this year was ok, it was better then usual
    4-Awesome-Everything seemed to flow well and I looked forward to coming to class everyday.
    1 2 3 4

  1. Please indicate why you either liked science this year or did not like it. Any other comments should be included here as well.

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