What kind of Document Camera do you have?

The district needs to know


  1. What classroom do you teach in?

  1. What kind of document camera do you have?
    AverMedia 355AF
    AverVision 300AF
    AverVision 300P
    Smart SDC-280
    AverMedia CP150
    Promethean Actiview
    Ken-a-Vision 7890UM
    Lumens DC133
    AverMedia CP155
    Lumens 153
    AverMedia CP135
    WolfVision VZ-8
    Smart SMA SDC330
    AverMedia APC300
    AverMedia CP300
    Epson DC-10S
    Lumens DC160
    Samsung SVP6000

Teacher, Professional Dev. Trainer, Curriculum Designer
High School
Fresno, CA