MOAS Application, 2011

Help us to get to know you, and provide us with some key contact information to use in organizing this year's program, or in case we need to reach you urgently. If you need more space to answer the open-ended questions, please email your additional responses to those questions to


  1. The best email address for you, by which you are sure to be reached?

  1. Your cell phone number?

  1. Your grade in 2011-12?

  1. Have you participated in a MOAS or a Model UN in the past? 

  1. OAS rules allow all schools to bring only two delegations to the annual MOAS conference, which limits WFS to 20 total delegates. Traditionally and for practical reasons of experience, we allow MOAS veterans first priority if they want to participate, which further limits us to about ten slots this year. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so we will try to select the ten people, plus an alternate, as soon as possible. However, we must be sure that those who are selected will fulfill all the MOAS obligations; if someone does not, he or she can be replaced later by someone who does, but valuable time and preparation are lost, and it is not fair to other candidates. For this reason, please look over this list of MOAS obligations and make sure you can commit to all of them:
    a. You will prepare a resolution pertinent to your assigned country and committee, as your personal responsibility, over the spring and summer and by the dates eventually assigned, and at a satisfactory level of quality.
    b. You will attend at least 80% of scheduled lunchtime Day 3 club meetings before the conference, and arrange to make up any club business you miss if absent.
    c. You will attend the 4-day MOAS conference in DC the first week of December, and follow all school rules while on the trip, as well as any other rules established by club sponsors and clerks.
    d. You commit to pay about $400, in conference costs (registration fees, bus costs, and hotel fees), plus another $100-200 in food costs in DC.
    e. If you are awarded a place among the group preparing for the conference in the spring, you and your parents agree to pay your share of the conference costs even if you decide for non-medical reasons to pull out from the trip, or if the sponsors decide to exclude you from the trip, because you do not meet one of the essential requirements from the rest of this list.

    I agree.
    I don't agree.

  1. If there are very many more candidates to join MOAS this year than can participate in the MOAS conference, given the limited number of spaces, we could look into WFS participation in a similar, other conference, like the one-day Delaware Model UN run by Salesianum every year in November. Possibly we could organize a kind of “Junior Varsity” program for qualified candidates who cannot be included in the Washington trip. This would have similar responsibilities, but probably a substantially lower cost. Might you be interested in such a program? 

  1. Briefly provide evidence of your interest in and knowledge about other countries in our hemisphere (primarily Latin America and the Caribbean) or in the world.

  1. Briefly describe your participation in any other group or individual activity that covers world affairs, current events, the social studies, international relations, etc. (World Affairs, Bonda with Uganda, Invisible Children, Student Year Abroad, India Trip).

Teacher, club sponsor, and student of history and philosophy
Wilmington Friends School
Wilmington, DE