HoA Student Course Evaluation, Mr. Ergueta's 2010-11 Classes

Now you can grade me and the course! Please check the most appropriate box and write any comments you may have.


  1. Assess the teacher's:

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Knowledge of course material Excellent  Poor  
      Interest and passion for course material Excellent  Poor  
      Organization of course  Excellent  Poor  
      Encouragement to students to see subject from different standpoints Excellent  Poor  
      Involvement of students during class time in fair and balanced way Excellent  Poor  
      Accurate and fair assessment of student progress Excellent  Poor  
      Availability to give extra help to students Excellent  Poor  

  1. Assess how well the course achieved the following:

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Imparted an enduring understanding of basic issues in the history of the Americas Excellent  Poor  
      Developed important skills in analysis, and organizing your thinking Excellent  Poor  
      Developed important skills in writing and public speaking Excellent  Poor  
      Encouraged consideration of genuinely interesting alternatives to your previous assumptions about what is important  Excellent  Poor  
      Added depth to your development of your thinking about basic issues regarding political change, economic development, and international relations Excellent  Poor  
      Made history interesting/useful/fun Excellent  Poor  
      Prepared you for IB assessments Excellent  Poor  

  1. Please assess the effectiveness of each of the instructor's teaching methods listed below:

            1 2 3 4 5       N/A
      Diagnostic essay Excellent  Poor  
      DBQ test Excellent  Poor  
      Homework reading materials Excellent  Poor  
      Homework reading notetaking assignment Excellent  Poor  
      Quia-based homework reading quizzes Excellent  Poor  
      Debates Excellent  Poor  
      Research essays Excellent  Poor  
      Harkness discussions Excellent  Poor  
      Videos watched Excellent  Poor  
      Teacher Powerpoint-based presentations Excellent  Poor  
      Historical investigations Excellent  Poor  
      Classroom management Excellent  Poor  
      1-to-1 special help sessions Excellent  Poor  
      The booklet "A Guide to History" Excellent  Poor  
      The wiki website Excellent  Poor  
      Vimeo-based video recordings of class sessions Excellent  Poor  
      "Pyramid principle" 3-part organization scheme Excellent  Poor  
      "B-n-ACE" public speaking criteria Excellent  Poor  
      Analytical charts for better recalling facts Excellent  Poor  
      "Phases" and "levels" as default categories for social and historical analysis Excellent  Poor  
      100-point rubric and grading sheets Excellent  Poor  
      Lunch review sessions Excellent  Poor  
      Essay unit tests Excellent  Poor  
      Midterm exam Excellent  Poor  
      Final exam Excellent  Poor  

  1. Comment on what the teacher did well:

  1. Comment on what the teacher could try to do better/change/add:

Teacher, club sponsor, and student of history and philosophy
Wilmington Friends School
Wilmington, DE