Crime Survey


  1. Death Penalty Requirements should be clarified so that such sentences are carried out in a timely manner 

  1. People convicted of murder during a carjacking or drive-by shooting should receive tghe death penalty 

  1. I support the "Three Strikes" law and its tough approach toward crime which provides for life in prison for those convicted of a third felony when the first two convictions were for seriou or violent felonies 

  1. A "One Strike" provision should be enacted for child molesters, rapist, and arsonist such that those convicted would be sentenced to life in prison 

  1. Private, law-abiding citizens should have the right to own firearms 

  1. I support gun control laws, such as the Federal Brady Bill and the assault weapons ban  

  1. California state law should be amended to allow law-abiding citizens with prooper training, the right to carry concealed firarms fo personal protection  

  1. Juveniles, 14 years and older, should automatically be tried as adults in all felony cases 

  1. We need crime diverson, military-style boot camps for juvenile offfenders  

  1. Taggers and graffiti vandals who are repeat offenders should be charged as felons with strict penalities 

  1. In crime cases, a non-unanimous jury verdict (10-2) should be sufficient for a conviction  

  1. Illegal immigrants convicted of U.S. crimes should be deported to serve there sentences in their country of origin  

  1. To allow for enforcment of more serious drug abuse, marijuana should be legalized, taxed, and regulated in the same manner as tobacco and alcohol 

  1. The idea of "hard labor" should be reinstituted within our penal justice system