Level A2 • Objectives

Listening • understand the overall meaning of short, simple, clearly spoken messages.

Reading • read and comprehend short, simple text, e.g. advertisements and personal correspondence.

Speaking • make yourself understood with a series of sentences in familiar everyday situations.

Writing • produce short, simple notes, messages, emails and personal letters.

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  1. Hören • Rate your listening skills:

            1 2 3      
      I can understand what is said clearly, slowly and directly to me in simple everyday conversation; it is possible to make me understand, if the speaker can take the trouble.  Aber natürlich! Nein, gar nicht.  
      I can generally identify the topic of discussion around me when people speak slowly and clearly. Aber natürlich! Nein, gar nicht.  
      I can understand phrases, words and expressions related to areas of most immediate priority (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local area, employment).  Aber natürlich! Nein, gar nicht.  
      I can catch the main point in short, clear, simple messages and announcements. Aber natürlich! Nein, gar nicht.  
      I can understand the essential information in short recorded passages dealing with predictable everyday matters which are spoken slowly and clearly.  Aber natürlich! Nein, gar nicht.  
      I can identify the main point of TV news items reporting events, accidents etc. when the visual supports the commentary. Aber natürlich! Nein, gar nicht.  

  1. Lesen • Rate your reading skills:

            1 2 3      
      I can identify important information in news summaries or simple newspaper articles in which numbers and names play an important role and which are clearly structured and illustrated.  Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can understand a simple personal letter in which the writer tells or asks me about aspects of everyday life. Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can understand simple written messages from friends or colleagues, for example saying when we should meet to play football or asking me to be at work early.  Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can find the most important information on leisure time activities, exhibitions, etc. in information leaflets. Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can skim small advertisements in newspapers, locate the heading or column I want and identify the most important pieces of information (price and size of apartments, cars, computers).  Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can understand simple user’s instructions for equipment (for example, a public telephone). Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can understand feedback messages or simple help indications in computer programmes. Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  
      I can understand short narratives about everyday things dealing with topics which are familiar to me if the text is written in simple language.  Na, klar! Keine Ahnung.  

  1. Sprechen • Rate your spoken interaction skills:

            1 2 3      
      I can make simple transactions in shops, post offices or banks. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can use public transport : busses, trains, and taxis, ask for basic information and buy tickets. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can get simple information about travel. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can order something to eat or drink. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can make simple purchases by stating what I want and asking the price. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can ask for and give directions referring to a map or plan. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can ask how people are and react to news. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can make and respond to invitations. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can make and accept apologies. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can say what I like and dislike. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can discuss with other people what to do, where to go and make arrangements to meet. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  
      I can ask people questions about what they do at work and in free time, and answer such questions addressed to me. Gewiss! Leider nicht :-(  

  1. Sprechen • Rate your spoken production skills:

            1 2 3      
      I can describe myself, my family and other people. Bestimmt! Bestimmt nicht.  
      I can describe where I live. Bestimmt! Bestimmt nicht.  
      I can give short, basic descriptions of events. Bestimmt! Bestimmt nicht.  
      I can describe my educational background, my present or most recent job. Bestimmt! Bestimmt nicht.  
      I can describe my hobbies and interests in a simple way. Bestimmt! Bestimmt nicht.  
      I can describe past activities and personal experiences (e.g. the last weekend, my last vacation). Bestimmt! Bestimmt nicht.  

  1. Sprechen • Rate your strategies for speaking:

            1 2 3      
      I can ask for attention. Sicher. Sicher nicht.  
      I can indicate when I am following. Sicher. Sicher nicht.  
      I can very simply ask somebody to repeat what they said. Sicher. Sicher nicht.  

  1. Sprechen • Rate your spoken language quality:

            1 2 3      
      I can make myself understood using memorized phrases and single expressions. Ja, ich kann's. Nein, das kann ich nicht.  
      I can link groups of words with simple connectors like ”and”, ”but” and ”because”. Ja, ich kann's. Nein, das kann ich nicht.  
      I can use some simple structures correctly. Ja, ich kann's. Nein, das kann ich nicht.  
      I have a sufficient vocabulary for coping with simple everyday situations. Ja, ich kann's. Nein, das kann ich nicht.  

  1. Schreiben • Rate your writing skills:

            1 2 3      
      I can write short, simple notes and messages. Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can describe an event in simple sentences and report what happened when and where (for example a party or an accident.  Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can write about aspects of my everyday life in simple phrases and sentences (people, places, job, school, family, hobbies). Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can fill in a questionnaire giving an account of my educational background, my job, my interests and my specific skills. Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can briefly introduce myself in a letter with simple phrases and sentences (family, school, job, hobbies). Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can write a short letter using simple expressions for greeting, addressing, asking or thanking somebody. Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can write simple sentences, connecting them with words such as ”and”, ”but”, ”because”. Ja wohl! Neeeee  
      I can use the most important connecting words to indicate the chronological order of events (first, then, after, later). Ja wohl! Neeeee  

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