Class and Instructor Evaluation

Evaluate this class and the instructor by answering the following questions.

Name (optional): 

  1. What were your reasons for taking this class?
    Personal Interest
    Recommended for your major
    All the easy classes were full

  1. Rank the following aspects of this class in order from most effective to least effective (1 being the most effective aspect of this class).
        1 2 3 4 5 6
    Text books  
    Supplementary reading  
    Group projects  
    Individual projects  
    Weekly homework assignments  
    Class lectures  

  1. I completed my homework assignments.

  1. Do you plan on joining FFA this year?

  1. What is one activity that you would like for FFA to conduct this year?

  1. What FFA Contest would you be interested in?
    Public Speaking
    Floriculture (Flowers)
    Forestry Judging
    Horse Judging
    Land Judging
    Livestock Judging
    Poultry Judging
    String Band
    Tractor Driving
    Small Engines
    Dairy Judging
    Meats Judging

  1. Name one thing that would increase your chance of joining FFA.

Agriscience Teacher
Albertville High School
Albertville, AL