FAR Chapter 5 pgs 128-135

God's Covenant with Adam


  1. Why is Sacred Scripture considered free from error?

  1. What is the essential story of the Bible?

  1. How does the Book of Genesis explain the existence of evil?

  1. What do the sacraments demonstrate about our material existence after the Fall?

  1. What does it mean for the Book of Genesis to say human beings are made in God's image?

  1. In what new way did the early Christians understand people are made in God's image?

  1. Describe what qualities we can know about Jesus Christ by imagining the ideal image of a son. How does that compare to Christ as presented in the Gospel?

  1. How is the human family an image of God?

  1. What is covenant?

  1. List the five major covenants in the Old Testament.

  1. What is the final vision of the covenants as fulfilled in Jesus Christ?

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