AP Chemistry Post Exam Survey


  1. If you had to guess how many multiple choice items you got correct, out of the 75 that are scored, how many do you estimate getting correct?

  1. If you had to estimate how many points you earned on the FRQs, out of the 60 possible points, what would you say you earned? (point breakdown is typically 9-10-9-15-9-8)
    40 or more

  1. Did you skip or omit any of the 6 free response questions completely?
    Yes, I skipped one FRQ completely
    Yes, I skipped two FRQs completely
    Yes, I skipped three FRQs completely
    Yes, I skipped four FRQs completely
    No, I attempted all 6 FRQs
    LOL FRQ...I didn't even bother.

  1. How many review or practice sessions did you attend outside of our class time? (This includes completing take-home practice exams)
    LOL zero
    All 8, bro.

  1. How many hours AT HOME did you spend reviewing for this exam (beginning about 3 weeks before the exam)?
    0-3 at home hours
    4-6 at home hours
    7-10 at home hours
    11-13 at home hours
    14 or more at home hours
    LOL I was supposed to study AT HOME?!?!

  1. How prepared did you feel for the following topics?

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Acids, bases, and equilibrium LOLwut Very prepared  
      Kinetics LOLwut Very prepared  
      Thermodynamics and thermochemistry LOLwut Very prepared  
      Colligative properties and intermolecular forces LOLwut Very prepared  
      Electrochemistry LOLwut Very prepared  
      Descriptive chemistry (general info) LOLwut Very prepared  
      Bonding and molecular geometry LOLwut Very prepared  
      Net ionics LOLwut Very prepared  

  1. What did YOU do that helped you the most in preparing you for this exam? (consider this a year long effort)

  1. What did the TEACHER do that helped you the most in preparing for this exam? (consider this a year long effort)

  1. What change to this course would result in next year's students being better prepared?

Chemistry Teacher
Largo High School