Reader's Survey


  1. Agree or Disagree: I want to be a better reader because reading will help me become smarter.

  1. How many times in the past week have you read the newspaper?
    4 or more
    1-3 times
    Not at all

  1. True or False: I don't like to read because reading is hard for me.

  1. Would you rather read a non-fiction book or a fiction book (chapter book)?
    Fiction (chapter)

  1. Choose your top three favorite types of books. Choose only 3!
    Mystery fiction (with crime, detectives, clues)
    Science fiction (with aliens, robots, experiments)
    Fantasy fiction (with magic, imaginery animals & creatures)
    Realistic fiction (with real-life situations)
    Historical fiction (with events & people from history, but made-up)
    Real (non-fiction) books about any topic except people
    Books about real people
    Comic books
    How-to books
    Humorous (funny) books

  1. If you have the internet at home, what device do you use it on? You may select more than one answer.
    Cell phone
    Ipad or Iphone
    Game system
    Other device not listed

  1. Do you have the internet at home?

  1. Which would you rather read?
    A book about animals
    An online book about animals
    A website about animals with text & video

  1. If you do not have the internet at home, tell where you use it most often.
    Public library
    Relative or friend's house

  1. Think of the last 3 library books you checked out. How many of them did you read all the way through?
    All 3
    2 of them
    1 of them
    None of them

  1. How many times in the last week did you read a magazine?
    4 or more
    1-3 times
    Not at all

  1. When is the last time you read somehing on a website away from school?
    Earlier today
    Earlier this week
    I have not looked at a website in over a week.
    I do not look at websites away from school.

  1. Agree or Disagree: I would still take AR tests even if I did not earn points or prizes.

  1. Which sentence tells how you feel about reading?
    I read for fun.
    I read so I can learn about things.
    I read because my teacher or my parents make me do it.
    I read for fun and for learning.

  1. True or False: If I had $25.00 to spend however I wanted, I would use some of the money to buy a book.

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Laurel Hill Elementary
Laurel Hill, NC