English III--Midterm Instructor Evaluation - (copy)

Evaluate this class and the instructor by answering the following questions.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Of the following learning targets from this course, which do you feel you understand?
    *Check all that apply.*
    close readings
    rhetorical appeals
    rhetorical purpose
    thesis statements
    citing evidence
    American Dream
    MLA citations
    Definition/Defining a Concept essays
    Using Noodletools
    Using topic sentences in essays
    Quotation sandwich (Claim+Quote+Comments)
    Using vocabulary in context (applying to what you are writing)
    Editing sentences for spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  1. Of the following learning targets, which could you explain to someone who was unfamiliar with the concept? In other words, which concepts could you teach to someone?
    *Check all that apply.
    close readings
    thesis statements
    rhetorical appeals
    MLA citations
    citing evidence
    using Noodletools
    quotation sandwich
    editing sentences
    writing a definition essay

  1. I completed my homework assignments. *

  1. Evaluate the class:*

            1 2 3 4 5      
      The class is well-organized (consistent routine/agenda on the board). Poor Excellent  
      Material is clearly related to learning targets/objectives. Poor Excellent  
      Fiction (novels/short stories/poetry) is clearly linked to learning targets. Poor Excellent  
      Non-fiction (articles, speeches, etc.) is clearly linked to learning targets. Poor Excellent  
      Written activities and assignment are clearly linked to learning targets. Poor Excellent  

  1. How would you rate the teacher's ability to stimulate class participation?*
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Poor   Excellent

  1. Do you have any comments/feedback that would help me improve the learning experience for future English III students? In other words, what would have helped you understand the learning targets more clearly?*

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Shallotte, NC