Questionnaire II: Roommates & Rome Elective Choices


  1. Roommate Wish List (Students only):

    Final assignments are at the discretion of the Sage Hill chaperones, the travel agent, and the hotel arrangements:

    Write down TEN fellow travelers with which you would feel comfortable rooming. Do not rank them (with numbers, stars, hearts or gladiator swords). See the travel lists on the shutterfly page for reference (do not put more than 3 down from the waiting list).

  1. Rank your choices for the Elective Outing in Rome! Please feel free to ask me questions about each. 1 = favorite; 11 = least favorite.
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    St. Peter's Tomb & Necropilis below Vatican: a special experience that few get to see!  
    Explore the Trastevere neighborhood: see the true local Roman stomping ground  
    Shop till you drop! Flea Market? Fashion? Other?  
    Gladiator School! It's true! It's physical and fun!  
    Visit Cinecitta Film Studios: Set of HBO Rome, Gangs of New York, behind the scenes of movies, etc.  
    Non-­‐Catholic Cemetery -­‐ Keats, Shelley, Goethe's son, et al.  
    Palatine Hill -­‐home of emperors (free w/Colosseum ticket)  
    Via Margutta -­‐ the artsy, hip: think Roman Holiday & Fellini  
    Caesar's Death Spot -­‐ and Cat sanctuary on Roman ruins!  
    MAXXI Modern Art Museum (new)  
    Le Domus Romanus di Palazzo Valentini (#1 Trip Advisor): an ancient Roman house with different historical levels--all blended with a lights and laser decor and video show that makes it a unique experience.  

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