Listening and Speaking Level 2 Fall 2012

Answer the questions with complete sentences. Be sure to provide your opinion, ideas and details of your experience. You do not need to provide your name.


  1. Recently listening and speaking classes are using Moodle for class exercises. How do you find using it?

  1. According to research recording your voice for speaking exercises helps you improve your language skills. How do you feel you are improving when you record and listen to yourself?

  1. When you are listening to lectures in class and taking notes how do you do this? Do you focus on the details of the lectures or only general, main ideas? What is the best way to take notes?

  1. Do you feel you are improving in listening and speaking? Why or why not? How do you achieve success in these areas?

  1. What advice do you give your friend when he or she is struggling in the areas of listening and speaking?

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