Survey about using Computers in History and posting work on our own website.

  1. Do you feel that creating your own website is easier to keep track of our work, do our work, and show our work to others. Do you think it's a good tool for students, teachers, parents, principals?

  1. Do you like the sharing capability of google docs?...You can do things by yourself or with a partner or with a group.

  1. Do you feel like once you understand the google drive, docs, and website program that you will get pretty fast at it and it will remain useful.

  1. Do you think the website and work you are learning will better prepare you for high school?

  1. Do you like the idea that you have a choice for doing your assignments? You can now do your assignments in many different ways, by yourself, share with partner, use web based programs.

  1. Do you wish we would use the book more and write on paper more with pencil. Do you also wish your teacher would lecture more?

  1. We cannot get rid of all work!. Creating our Google Website and using Google Docs is just another way to do it....What is the worst part of using the Google Website and Google Docs.....What problems do you see in the future?

8th Grade U.S. History
Lewisville ISD