University Trip Planning - Portland!

BIS is planning its first ever university visitation to Portland and we want YOU to help us make it awesome!

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  1. What is your current post high school plan?*
    4 year university
    2 year college
    certificate program (like EMT, Electronics...)

  1. What colleges and/or universities would you be most interested in visiting in Portland?
    (1 being the MOST interested and 7 being the LEAST)*
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Portland State University  
    University of Portland  
    Lewis and Clark College  
    Reed College  
    Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU)  
    Portland Community College  
    Western Oregon University  

  1. What activities would you like to participate in or what locations could we visit that would really help you decide if Portland is the right place for you?*

  1. Cost is always an issue - we try to provide the best trip for the least cost. In light of that, what would be the HIGHEST price you could pay for a two night trip to Portland, touring multiple universities, and participating in as many activities in the city as we can fit into our timeline?*

  1. Any other thoughts / suggestions / ideas that we should consider when planning this trip?

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