Semester 1 Bio 2013


  1. Where you given unit vocabulary and objectives for each unit?

  1. Were the unit sheets (including vocabulary) helpful when studying for tests?

  1. Did assignments relate to what was discussed in class?

  1. Did your teacher ask and answer questions in class? Either during labs or individually?

  1. As a written rule late work was NOT to be accepted. Did you ever turn in late work?

  1. Were the purple sheets helpful when writing your paper?

  1. Before the year started which of the following would best describe your feelings about science?
    1-Never had a positive experience in science.
    2 past experiences have not been the best
    3 Great
    4-Awesome, I have always loved science
    1 2 3 4

  1. Past practices have been for students to do homework and for the teacher to check to see if it is complete or not. How would you rate this method of collecting and grading homework?
    1 Bad- No feedback, I do it just to do it and sometimes even copy others work.

    2. Not the best-It works but I do not tend to learn from it.

    3. This is the best way to do homework and learn.
    1 2 3

  1. How would you rate quia as a homework option?

    1-I did not like the system and would prefer just writing out my answers.

    2- I prefer quia over other options for homework.

    3-Quia did force me to learn. Not every quia session was the best but I did prefer getting feedback instantly.
    1 2 3

  1. During the year we participated in a case study regarding C. gattii. This required you to ask and answer question for every unit. It was also designed to help you connect concepts in the unit and between units. Was it successful?

    1-No, but I would not have learned anything no matter what.

    2- No, it was not well organized and therefore did not connect.

    3- Yes, this did help me connect concepts within units and connect between units.

    4-Yes, this was great...It helped being able to not only connect concepts and units but it was also interesting.
    1 2 3 4

  1. How would you rate your teacher this year?
    1-Not well organized, never listened to students, was rarely present both mentally and physically (ie absent a lot).

    2-Not the worst I have ever had but not the best either.

    3-Good, designed interesting lessons and provided an opportunity to learn. The teacher did what other teachers do for students to be successful.

    4-Pretty good teacher, had a sense of humor, listened to student comments, did lots of labs and activities.
    1 2 3 4

  1. In the space indicate what you liked best about the class and your teacher (besides the end of the hour and weekends).

  1. The C. gattii case study required you to write a comprehensive paper to demonstrate your understanding. What other type of project could your teachers do instead of a paper?

  1. Finish the following phrase: "Are there any questions, comments or _____________." When and how often did your teacher use this comment?

  1. Students often contribute good teaching to whether they like the teacher or not. Putting this aside what do you think contributes to good teaching other than liking the teacher?

  1. How would you rate your science experience this year compared to the past?
    1-I hate science no matter who is teaching it...even Bill Nye!

    2 I did not learn a thing! Just take a look at my pre and post test!

    3 Good-Science this year was ok, I certainly did NOT dread coming everyday.

    4-Awesome-Everything seemed to flow well and I looked forward to coming to class everyday.
    1 2 3 4

  1. How much work did you do on your own? Did you study in advance for tests? Did you review labs and prepare questions for class? Did you seek out help during flex? What was your effort like in class?

  1. Please leave any final thoughts regarding the year so far.

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