Tandem Parking Re-verification

Please complete the below information regarding your current parking status.

Employees who designate their parking option as "tandem" through the completion of a signed parking form, receive a reduced parking payroll deduction and must park in a tandem parking location, as assigned by Human Resources.

Changes to parking arrangements are permitted on a quarterly basis, unless there is a business need or change in status such as your tandem buddy no longer works for L.A. Care, you begin/cease telecommuting, you transfer into a position which modifies your parking arrangements, etc.

Please complete this verification by 5:00 PM Friday, December 2, 2011.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources.


  1. I continue to be in a tandem parking arrangement.

  1. My tandem parking buddy is (First Name / Last Name):

  1. I continue to park in my assigned tandem parking location.

  1. My tandem parking location is (Floor / #):

  1. My parking card number is: