Reading Endorsement Training

This survey will be collecting data/information regarding the facilitating face-to-face or online Reading Endorsement courses.


  1. Select each of the PLS Face-to-face Reading Endorsment you would be interested in facilitating during the fall 2013-14 school year:
    Comp 1 - Foundations of Reading
    Comp 2 - Literacy Success for All Students
    Comp 3 - Assessment for Today's Classrooms
    Comp 4 - Differentiated Reading Instruction
    None of the above

  1. Select your availability to facilitate the PLS Face-to-face Reading Endorsement courses during the fall 2013-14 school year:
    I am only available on Saturdays
    I am available for a combination of weekdays (during day) and Saturdays
    I am available only on weekdays (during the day)
    I am available only on weekdays (after hours)

  1. After selecting each Reading Endorsement Competency, please provide 5 training dates beginning in September 2013 you would be available to facilitate each specific competency.

  1. As part of our ONLINE Reading Endorsement program for 2012-13, we are considering online courseware through BEACON Educator. In order to become a Broward Online facilitator, Step 1 is to take a required 10-hour online course, "The Path to Successful Online Education." Would you be able to start this 10-hour online course in April 2013?
    Yes, start in May 2013
    I am not interested

  1. After you have completed/passed the required BEACON Educator facilitator online course, Step 2 is to complete/pass the 10 week online course per Competency. Which Reading Endorsement Competency would you be interested in completing/passing in order to facilitate online in the future?
    Comp 1: Foundations of Instruction
    Comp 2: Research-Based Practices
    Comp 3: Assessment
    Comp 4: Differentiated Instruction
    Comp 5: Demonstration of Accomplishment

  1. Please add any additional information, comments, regarding this training initiative for the Reading Endorsement program for 2013-14.

Literacy Department