Video II Capstone Treatment

This is your final project for Video II. You should use everything you learned over the past two years to complete a superior video for this project.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Which class is your group in?*

  1. When you film your project, will you need the studio and Tri-Caster? If so for how long? Have you reserved it on line at KubiVieo Wiki?*

  1. List the video clips your intend to put in your project and where you fouind them. *

  1. You will be advertising a product in you 30 second commercial. What is the product name and how is it to be used? *

  1. In your 1 minute commercial, a PSA, how will you utilize the full time allotted? Who will be talking and who/what will be viewed as support? Remember just talking in front of a camera does not work. *

  1. Who will be your camera/sound operator?*

  1. Who will be your editor?*

  1. Who will be the Director for your project? *

  1. Is their anything else you need to tell me about your project plans?

  1. Who Do you want me to email my response too? Give me thier email address. *

Mr. Riggs
Retired from Kubasaki High School, Okinawa Japan
Camp Foster, AP