UGHS Staff Survey

Activity/Flex Time

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How do you feel about adding a flex/activity period to our schedule (without extending our school day)?*
    Positive--sounds like a good idea
    Negative--don't see much value in this type of schedule
    Willing to Hear More About It

  1. Do you have any experience working with this type of schedule?*

  1. If you answered yes to question 2, please comment on your experience & identify the school.

  1. Would you be willing to accommodate shortening our current class times (10 minutes at most) and/or a reduction of passing period time to alllow for a flex/activity period?*

  1. If we were to incorporate a flex/activity period into our schedule, which of the following would you prefer to do during this time? (You can select more than one)*
    Intervention-- Work with Students
    Learning Labs
    Mini Courses for Staff (ex. CPR)
    Monitoring Open Spaces (Gyms, Computer Labs, Study Hall, etc.)
    Meeting with Clubs/Organizations
    Additional Challenge Activities for Students
    AP Reviews
    Freshmen Mentoring Programs
    Staff Learning Communities
    Class Advisor Duties

  1. Would you be willing to serve on a committee to investigate this possible change to our schedule?*
    Maybe if my schedule allows.

  1. Please provide your opinion on the need for teacher collaboration time to be worked into our schedule ( 1 for strongly agree that time is needed, 5 for strongly disagree--time not needed)*
    1 2 3 4 5

  1. Please comment on the following:
    Modifying class time to incorporate this type of schedule*

  1. Please comment on the following:
    Your preference (#5) on how to spend time during the flex/activity period*

  1. Please comment on the following:
    The possibility of Teacher Collaboration time as an additional benefit of this schedule*

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