Fairy Tale Unit Reflection Survey

To improve the fairy tale unit in the Senior English course, Children's Literature

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How did studying fairy tales impact your understanding of Children's Literature? (What did you learn in this unit of reading?)*

  1. What fairy tales did you enjoy out of the ones we read as a class? Were there versions of the fairy tales that you would like replaced? If yes, what suggestions can you make?*

  1. How do you feel about the format of studying the fairy tales we read as a class? (Teacher introduction of the tale, use of story chart to catalog differences, etc.) Would you recommend the use of this process again?*

  1. If you answered no to the previous question (#3), what suggestions can you offer for an improved strategy?

  1. How did the group Ning project, where you researched your own independently chosen fairy tale, impact your learning? In your opinion, was the project successful in its objectives to teach you about researching and comparing a fairy tale across cultures?*

  1. What other thoughts/ suggestions/ concerns can you offer for future students of Children's Literature and the fairy tale unit? Would you like to see anything else added/ changed in this unit?*