What is Visible Learner Survey - (copy)


  1. Do you enjoy what you are doing when you are in class at St Catherine's?

  1. Are you being challeged to work to your full potential at school?

  1. What classwork gives you a personal sense of achievement?

  1. If you are feeling you are not fully focused in class, what would you change to improve your involvement or concentration?

  1. Do you walk away from each class feeling that you have learnt something new?

  1. Is the learning goal clear for each lesson or lessons?

  1. What learning strategies do you have? Please give three different strategies you use.

  1. What do you think makes a good learner?

  1. How do you learn in the classroom?

  1. How do you learn at home?

  1. How do you know how successful you are at your learning? Desrcibe three of these.

  1. What year are you in