Te Kawai Kumara Project Evaluation (Lecturers)

By completing this online survey, I confirm that I have read the Participant Information Sheet and agree to take part in this evaluation. I have understood the nature of the evaluation and why I have been invited to participate. I have the contact details of the Independent Evaluator should I need to ask any questions.

I understand the following
• I can ask any questions concerning the evaluation at any stage
• This survey is anonymous and cannot be traced back to me
• I understand that my participation is voluntary, and the decision to participate
or not will not affect my standing or grades within this institution.
• I will be informed when the evaluation findings are complete and available for
• The evaluation findings may be presented at conferences or published in
journals or articles
• Ethical permission is still pending for this evaluation to take place, and that no
data will be used until such time as ethical permission has been obtained.

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