Registro Escolar - Feedback 2nd2013

Dear teacher, we have been using Registro Escolar for four months and we would like to know more about your experience using the new tool. We are planning to make some improvements for next year, so your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome!


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How often do you insert data in the Registro Escolar platform?*
    Once a week
    Twice a week
    Almost every day
    Every class

  1. Are you using the paper form or do you insert data online? *
    I am using the paper form.
    I insert data online.
    I generally insert data online, but when I´m in a hurry, I use the paper form.

  1. Have you already written an introductory text in your profile?*

  1. Have you included your email in your introductory text?*
    I have not edited my introduction yet.
    Yes. I have included my email.
    No. I have not included my email.

  1. Are you using the Registro Escolar system to remind students/parents of the homework for the following class?*

  1. If you answered YES to question 5, for which groups do you remind students/parents of homework via Registro Escolar?

  1. Was Registro Escolar useful when calculating students’ participation grades?*
    Yes. I used the system to check the data I inserted about my students.
    No because I didn´t feel it was necessary.
    No because I didn´t know it would help me.

  1. Check your perceptions of the Registro Escolar system in relation to the following aspects:*

            1 2 3 4       N/A
      Students were more committed to doing homework whenever I sent a Registro Escolar update True Not at all  
      Students improved their class behavior whenever I sent a message to parents True Not at all  
      Students remembered to bring the report cards signed whenever I sent a reminder True Not at all  

  1. How do you feel about the Registro Escolar system as a teacher/parent/student communication tool?*
      1 2 3 4  
    Very helpful   Not helpful at all

  1. Did you get any feedback from parents about our Registro Escolar? Feel free to add any comment.

  1. Do you have any suggestions to improve the Registro Escolar platform? Your feedback will help us in the next development stages of the system.