Employee Development Plan

Preparing a development plan for each of your team members is an integral part of your role as a manager. Please go through the form and provide your inputs for planning the development of each of your team members. This needs to be discussed and shared with your team members individually.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Your name*

  1. Your Employee ID (fusion)*

  1. Your team member's name (for whom the development plan is being made)*

  1. Team member's fusion ID*

  1. Please select the relevant categories in which your team member has development needs (select all that apply)*
    Technical (technology, tools related)
    Functional/ business acumen related (specialist needs related to the department)
    Soft skills
    Leadership and Managerial skills
    Domain related (knowledge of the business vertical - telecom/technlogy/ financial services etc

  1. What business/functional outcome do you expect your team member to achieve (as a result of the development in capability)?*
    Increased revenue/profitability
    Customer satisfaction
    Cost reduction
    Improved team performance
    Employee engagement

  1. Please describe the most important learning need for your team member to accomplish this year (from any of the categories described above)*

  1. Please list all other learning needs for your team member to this year (from any of the categories described above)*