Junior & Senior Humanities Blocks: Parent Survey

Please help us offer blocks which are the best fit for a majority of our students by responding to the questions below. We appreciate your honesty and input!

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  1. All Junior & Senior Themed Humanities Blocks will include the following components: college credit opportunities, a professional portfolio, internships, team teaching, a block (two-period) schedule, required English credits, projects, writing, literature, technology, and required social studies credits.

    What additional components should all block classes offer?

  1. Based on the themes below, please rank your preference of block classes with one being your first choice and three being your last.*
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    Arts and Engineering: Hands-on arts-focused class that offers real world application of creative skills in commercial art, theater arts, and opportunities to participate in community service for organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Projected electives include engineering, graphic design, and acting.  
    Communication and International Studies: Interactive, globally-focused class that offers experiential activities such as simulations and international travel along with preparing students for the future through real-world applications of micro-lending, foreign languages and fundraising. Projected electives include Spanish, TEDed, and leadership.  
    Marketing and Technology (CSB): Computer-based, business-focused class that offers real world activities like resume-writing, interviewing and lessons in professionalism. Includes electives of business, computer science, and technology.  

  1. What attribute(s) do you like the MOST about EACH of the three blocks?
    (i.e.: Arts and Engineering had a good mix of technology and literature.)

  1. What attribute(s) do you like the LEAST about EACH of the three blocks?
    (i.e.: Marketing and Technology was overly focused on business for my student's interests.)

  1. What educational attribute(s) would you add to EACH block to make it more relevant to your student's education experience and/or future plans?

  1. Other comments / questions / ideas