Read the following scenario and answer the questions below -

In their production area, Willis Manufacturing Company is attempting to increase productivity among their staff.. The supervisors in the area have noticed that productivity seems to moderately decrease later in the day. Traditionally, they have required employees to work a 40-hour week on a rigid 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday schedule. This also meant that their facility was empty for a significant number of hours every day. In an attempt to allow workers to complete their 40 hours in a more flexible way, they are instituting a creative scheduling option for one of the production departments. On the advice of the company Research and Development Officer, the company has agreed to keep the one department of the factory in operation from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Mondays through Saturdays. This department will be designated for a group of employees who want to work a more flexible schedule. Other departments will be continue with the traditional schedule plan. The workers on the Flex Crew will be allowed to clock in and out as needed and will be paid for the full week as long as they have the 40 hours completed during the 6-day work week. After a 3 month trial, production in the Flex Crew area increased by 17.6%, and the workers expressed more satisfaction with their jobs and were very proud of the work they were doing. In comparison, the traditional workers’ production levels remained steady; many of them did not feel any particular pride in their product and were only marginally happy with their jobs. Management concluded that the flexible schedule was related to the increase in production, job satisfaction and pride in the company.

  1. What was the Research and Development Office’s hypothesis?

  1. What was the independent variable?

  1. What was the dependent variable?

  1. What is an alternative hypothesis?

  1. Assuming you are the company’s administrative team, knowing the findings of this research, what might the company to better manage production in the company?

  1. How could the findings of this research influence people in general?

  1. How many hours have you completed, counting the current term?

  1. What is your sex?

  1. Have you completed your English requirements? (check all that apply)
    Developmental classes ENGL 0950 or 0960
    ENGL 1010
    ENGL 1020
    ENGL 1210
    ENGL 1220
    ENGL 1230

  1. Have you taken a college-level science or life-science class?

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