"Weekly Quiz" #8 - Interactive Notebook Reflection (10/9 - 10/14)

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You will need your interactive notebook to answer the following questions.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Select up to 4 items that represent your best work - 2 from the left side, 2 from the right side. In several reflective paragraphs, address the specific reasons why you chose these items as your best work as well as what these assignments reflect about your skills as a science student. High quality reflection includes your consideration of the following in reference to your best work: what you learned from the activity, how you learned from it, what aspects of the work were high quality, what you would do differently in the future (and why), what makes you proud of this particular work, what made the activity worthwhile for you, how does this work affect your view of the world, what information did you learn that was new to you, etc. High quality reflection also examines your skills as a student and as a scientist. Skills you might discuss are organization, analysis, logic, creativity, thoroughness, accuracy of information, ability to put new information together, understanding new concepts, etc. Please note: Reasoning that it was "fun" or just that you liked it is NOT adequate reflection. *

  1. Indicate your overall rating of your notebook based on the 1-5 rubric. Explain why you have earned this rating. Has your notebook improved from the past notebooks?*

  1. What specific study skills have you employed to be successful in this class? What organizational strategies appear in the notebook that helped you learn the most? Elaborate. *

  1. What are your goals for improvement in this class? List specific areas in which you feel you need to improve or need help improving. *

  1. What specific changes would you like to see in this class? Explain. *

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