Cebu Training Evaluation Form CT-WS8

This questionnaire will take a few minutes to complete. Your feedback is crucial for assessing the quality of the Caesars CE Training initiative.

Please indicate the appropriate box for each item and add comments that will help us understand your ratings.


  1. What is your overall opinion of the course you have just attended? 

  1. How effective was the course in helping you learn the concepts and skills that were presented?  

  1. How valuable do you think the concepts and skills will be to you in your work?  

  1. How would you rate this course in comparison with other courses you have attended? 

  1. Do you feel you were sufficiently informed about the purpose of the course and the reason for your attendance?

  1. How clear and understandable was the course content? 

  1. Did your group size seem appropriate to effective learning? 

  1. How would you describe the length of the course?

  1. How would you describe the pace of course activities?

  1. All considered, what is your overall opinion of the course? 

  1. Thank you for your feedback!

    We wish you continued success as you graduate from this training program.