PETS: Malt-o-Media Participant Information

Survey of Current Technology Uses and Projected Future Uses

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What is your teaching assignment?*

  1. Do you generally teach in a technology classroom?*

  1. If you teach in a technology classroom, do you feel you use the room to its best advantage?*

  1. If you answered "no" to item #3, what would help you use the room equipment more effectivly?

  1. Do you teach online?*

  1. If you teach online, are you (select the one that best fits you)
    instructor, course designer and course editor
    instructor and course editor
    online lead faculty member
    instructor/facilitator only for a pre-designed class

  1. What kinds of technology/media do you currently use in your on-campus class? Check all that apply.*
    PowerPoint presentations
    Faculty webpages
    Web enhanced content (Blackboard enhanced or other)
    VHS video tapes
    DVD films or CDs
    Video taping of class presentations or activities
    Web camera or Skype
    Blogs or discussion boards (aside from online courses)
    U-Tube or Teacher-Tube
    Search Engines
    Equipment that will be used by my students on the job
    Electronic portfolios
    other (specify in the next item)

  1. If you listed "other" for item #7, please clarify.

  1. What new skills would you like to gain?*

  1. On a scale of 1 (low interest) to 7 (very high interest), how much priority to you place on adding to your technology repertoire?*
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

  1. What barriers get in the way of your adding new forms of technology in your classroom? (check the 3 most important)*
    personal technological skills
    technology equipment is not available in the classroom
    time to create and maintain media presentations
    lack of information about what is available
    class time to show or use the media
    other (please specify in next item)

  1. If you listed "other" for item #11, please clarify.

  1. Do you give assignments or assignment options that require students to use technology or some form of media?*

  1. If you answered yes to #13, please clarify or give examples.

  1. Do you have concerns about using media in classroom that have not been addressed? If so, let us know.