Survey for Blood Donation Camp

Blood is essential for life.

If not personally in need, at some point a friend, neighbour, family member, or co-worker who needs a blood transfusion. In fact, 1 out of 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. From natural disasters to unforeseen catastrophes, emergency hospital procedures to life-long battles with chronic diseases such as sickle cell, the demand for blood is constant. The supply is not. And since there is no substitute, only volunteer blood donors can roll up their sleeves and save lives. In addition to contributing to save lives of others, you also get an advantage. Blood donar will get a lifetime membership card with the blood bank & can avail the facility in case of emergency and if someone dearer/nearer of the donor requires blood he/she gets priority & discounts.

We intend to organize a blood donation camp in our office premises, once we receive the required number of nominations.


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