Graphics Tech 1 Final Survey


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What is the address (URL) of your weebly website?*

  1. Have you imported and reflected on all the Photoshop tutorials images we have created this semester? Explain please

  1. We did Photoshop tutorials using the PHOTOSHOP CIB book...
    these were the long chapter tutorials..we also did a series of shorter Photoshop tutorials on the web called Photoshop Essentials....

    How were these photoshop tutorials? Did they help you to learn Photoshop? Were they helpful? What could have been better?

  1. What could you have done to learn Photoshop better this semester?

  1. What could your TEACHER done to help you learn PHOTOSHOP better this semester? What types of projects would you like to do to expand your Photoshop skills?