Chinese Background Information Survey

This is a survey of your Chinese background in order to better understand your Chinese proficiency level. Please answer the questions below as much as you can. You can of course skip the questions that are not applicable to you. Thanks.


  1. What are your W&L campus address and a contact phone number?

  1. What are the name of your high school and its location?

  1. How many years of Chinese have you taken? Was it for school credit or for college credit? And how many hours per week did the Chinese class meet?

  1. What textbook(s) did you use? Was the textbook in Romanization or in Chinese characters? About how many Chinese characters do you think you have learned?

  1. If you haven’t taken any Chinese in high school or at the college level, how did you learn your Chinese?

  1. Is Chinese spoken at your home, with a roommate or with other friends/acquaintances?