Research Project Step #1 - Choose your topic

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  1. Choose a specific topic from the list below.*
    Agricultural Revolution
    Epic of Gilgamesh (The Great Flood)
    Epic of Gilgamesh (Cedar Forrest)
    Epic of Gilgamesh (Quest for Immortality)
    Nebuchadnezzar (Ruler of Babylon)
    Howard Carter discovers Tutankhamen's tomb
    Battle of Kadesh (Ramses the Great v Hittites)
    Trojan War (The Iliad)
    Battle of Marathon
    Battle of Thermopylae
    Battle of Salamis
    Philip II (Macedonian king)
    Roman Forum
    1st Punic War
    2nd Punic War (Hannibal v. Scipio)
    3rd Punic War
    Spartacus Revolt
    Julius Caesar (Gallic Wars)
    Julius Caesar (Crossing the Rubicon)
    Julius Caesar (Assassination)
    Chariot Races (Circus Maximus)
    Castle Siege
    Viking Raids (Lindisfarne)
    Feudal Manors
    1st Crusade (Capturing the Holy Land)
    3rd Crusade (Kings' Crusade against Saladin)
    4th Crusade (Sacking of Constantinople)
    Hundred Years War (England v. France)
    Joan of Arc (Siege of Orleans)
    Black Death (Bubonic Plague)

  1. If DO NOT plan on working with a partner for Step 6, 7 and 8, type NO is the box below.

    If you DO plan on working with a partner for Step 6, 7 and 8, type your partners first and last name. Both you and your partner must have chosen the same topic.*

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