Future Plans 2017

Thank you for taking this survey. We are hoping to help guide you in college applications, scholarship applications, or even career planning if we can. Please feel free to come talk with us if you have any questions.


  1. What grade are you in?

  1. In my future, I plan to hopefully (select all possible choice):
    Graduate from high school and get a job
    Graduate from high school and then attend technical college
    Graduate from high school and then attend a 4 year college

  1. Do you know where you plan to go to college or apply to? Yes/No If yes, plesae state which college you plan to attend and/or apply to.

  1. In my future I hope to have the following career or I am looking into these career opportunities: (Type in a response...if you are not sure, try to provide a "maybe" or just type that you are not certain yet.)

  1. What classes have you taken so far in Agriscience or in the Science Department at Badger High School?

Agricultural Sciences
Badger High School