Secondary Social Studies Professional Development Survey 1617

Please complete the following survey by answering the questions related to your social studies professional development needs.

Name (optional): 

  1. What level do you teach?
    Middle School
    High School

  1. At what school do you teach? (optional)

  1. What content area(s) do you currently teach? You may select more than one.
    6th Grade World History
    7th Grade Civics
    8th Grade US History
    High School World History
    High School US History
    High School Economics
    High School Government
    Holocaust Studies
    African History
    African American History
    Human Geography
    Global Studies
    Women's Studies
    International Relations
    Law Studies
    High School Geography

  1. Mark the top 5 professional development workshops/topics below that you feel would impact your professional instructional practice.
    Formative Assessment in Social Studies
    Integrating Geography into all Content
    Using Debate Strategies in Social Studies
    Writing in Social Studies
    Technology in Social Studies
    LAFS in Literacy Sec SS Application Level 3
    DBQ for ALL
    Intro to Civics EoCA
    Intro to US History EoCA
    Differentiated Instruction in Social Studies
    Integrating Newly Adopted Instructional Materials into Content classes

  1. List any suggestions for future social studies trainings (topics).

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