Niagara Weekly Pulse Check- Week (2) Two

Last Updated: March 14th, 2017

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Training Class:  *

  1. Trainer:  *

  1. How did you feel about your experience in customer-facing time this week?*
    I felt very unprepared/unsupported by my mentor and/or trainer.
    I felt somewhat unprepared/unsupported by my mentor/trainer.
    I felt somewhat prepared and supported by my mentor and/or trainer.
    I was very prepared and supported throughout the session.

  1. How prepared do you feel for the knowledge checks?*
    Totally unprepared.
    Somewhat unprepared.
    Somewhat prepared
    Very prepared

  1. How accurate are the knowledge checks in gauging your understanding of various curriculum topics?*
    Not at all accurate.
    Somewhat inaccurate.
    Somewhat accurate.
    Very accurate.

  1. How well supported do you feel by the training environment?*
    I feel very unprepared/unsupported
    I feel somewhat unprepared/unsupported
    I feel prepared/supported
    I feel somewhat prepared/supported
    I feel very prepared/supported

  1. The pace of the training is:*
    Too Fast.
    Too Slow.
    Just Right.

  1. These are the things that I liked or that worked very well in the training this week:*

  1. These are the things that I did not like or could be be improved in the training this week:*