Research Activity for SOCI 2160

Read the following scenario and answer the questions below: A psychologist working with mothers with infants in a mental health center has noted that many of her depressed clients seem overly involved with their infants. Their babies are rarely allowed to lie in their cribs or nap quietly. Mothers overstimulate them by holding them and talking to them almost constantly. They interrupt sleep and quiet play with more rigorous activity. She has noticed several reaction patterns among these infants. Most predominantly, she notes that babies withdraw from mothers and eventually lack attachment and even reactions to others in their environments. She decides to conduct a study to see if the behaviors she has noted are a pattern among infants whose mothers are depressed.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. State a possible hypothesis that this psychologist might use in her study. *

  1. What is the independent variable in the hypothesis you have stated?*

  1. What is the dependent variable in the hypothesis you have stated?*

  1. What would be an effective way to collect the data to test your hypothesis? (i.e., observation, survey, experiment, case study, etc.) Why woud you choose that methodology?*

  1. What ethical concerns might you need to address when conducting this study?*

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