2017 WAFLT Fall Conference Evaluation

Please help us to improve the WAFLT Fall Conference and plan for future conferences by completing this survey. Please be sure to include your name and contact information if you wish to be included in the drawing for a free classroom subscription to FlipGrid or one-year WAFLT membership!

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    Please rate the items listed below. *

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Registration  Poor Excellent  
      Radisson Paper Valley Hotel and Conference Facilities Poor Excellent  
      Pre-Conference Information Poor Excellent  
      Conference Booklet Poor Excellent  
      WAFLT Website Poor Excellent  
      Exhibits Poor Excellent  
      Conference Schedule Poor Excellent  

  1. Please explain your ratings. We would be especially interested in your suggestions for improvement.

    Please rate the items listed below. *

            1 2 3 4 5       I did not attend this.
      Thursday Conference Kickoff Reception Poor Excellent  
      Friday Luncheon (South of the Border) Poor Excellent  
      Friday Wine and Cheese Reception Poor Excellent  
      Friday Webizens in Intermezzo Poor Excellent  
      Saturday Breakfast (WAFLT Business Meeting) Poor Excellent  
      Saturday Luncheon (Italian Buffet) Poor Excellent  

  1. Please explain your ratings. We are especially interested in your suggestions for improvement.

  1. Please rate the items listed below. *

            1 2 3 4 5       I did not attend this.
      Thursday Pre-Conference Workshop: Moving Along the Road to Proficiency: Where Do We Need to Go? How Do We Get There? Poor Excellent  
      New Attendee Orientation Session Poor Excellent  
      Awards and Keynote Address Poor Excellent  
      Language Association Meetings Poor Excellent  

  1. Please explain your ratings. We are especially interested in your suggestions for improvement.

  1. If you attended any Friday morning workshops and/or Saturday technology workshops, please rate them below.

            1 2 3 4 5       I did not attend this.
      FW-1: Looking Forward, Planning Backward Poor Excellent  
      FW-2: Proficiency GO! How to Power Up and Evolve Your Classroom Poor Excellent  
      FW-3: App Tools of the Trade Poor Excellent  
      FW-4: Reaching Beyond the Horizon of Your Comfort Zone Poor Excellent  
      FW-5: Recursos auténticos: Using Technology to Design and Implement Assessments to Fit Your Thematic Units Poor Excellent  
      FW-6: All Things Virtual: Encouraging Proficiency in an Established 1-1 School Poor Excellent  
      FW-7: Using the Wisconsin Language Portfolio Online Poor Excellent  
      FW-8: Gamify Your Language with "LUDUS" Poor Excellent  
      FW-9: Working with English Learners Poor Excellent  
      FW-10: Using Children's Books in the Target Language: Your Ticket to Staying in the Target Language and Building Language Proficiency Poor Excellent  
      FW-11: High School Visitors Program: Colleagues of the Future Poor Excellent  
      FW-12: Teachers for Tomorrow: WAFLT's Career Changers Workshop Poor Excellent  
      FW-13:Creating Units About Social Justice Issues and Global Perspectives Poor Excellent  
      FW-14: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de NOVIOS. Poor Excellent  
      T-1: Technology and the World Language Classroom: Making the Connection Poor Excellent  
      T-2: 25 Technology Resources Poor Excellent  
      T-3: Lightening the Load Poor Excellent  
      T-4: Can You Breakout Edu? Poor Excellent  

    Please rate the items below. *

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Overall variety of sessions Poor Excellent  
      Variety of sessions for the language(s) I teach Poor Excellent  
      Quality of sessions I attended Poor Excellent  
      Practicality of topics presented Poor Excellent  

  1. Please list the names of any outstanding workshops and/or sessions you attended. Please include as much information as possible (session numbers, titles, names of presenters) and why you feel they were particularly good.*

  1. Help us plan for 2018 by suggesting speakers and noting their areas of expertise.*

  1. Are there any vendors you would like to see in the Exhibit Hall in 2018? Please note their name(s) and contact information.

  1. Did you download the new conference app for your tablet or smartphone? *

  1. Which feature(s) of the conference app did you use? Check all that apply.
    Session/events schedule
    Session descriptions
    Presenter bios
    Personalized schedule (create your schedule by choosing sessions you want to attend)
    Map of session locations/hotel
    Exhibitors list
    Update messages for changes during conference
    Session survey
    Social media feed to interact during conference with other attendees
    N/A - I did not use the app.

  1. Do you have any suggestions for additional app features not listed in question 12?

  1. Since WAFLT is a volunteer organization, we need your help throughout the year to keep the organization strong. Please check any of the initiatives that interest you AND be sure to enter your contact information in the final question so that we can contact you.
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