2017 - 2018 Mock Trial #1


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Which role(s) would you be interested in playing in our first mock trial? You can choose as many roles as you are genuinely interested in.*
    Defense Attorney
    Prosecution Attorney
    Jury Foreman
    Jury Member
    Defendant (Thomas Preston)
    Prosecution Witness (Theodore Bliss)
    Prosecution Witness (Robert Goddard)

  1. Answer the following questions about the mock trial handout to demonstrate your knowledge.

    1) How had British soldiers treated the citizens of Boston before the "Massacre"?
    2) Why did the British soldiers fire at the colonists?
    3) What is one objection a lawyer can make during trial?
    4) What is one responsibility of a prosecuting attorney?
    5) Who did Robert Goddard say ordered the soldiers to fire?*

N.C. History teacher
Carrington Middle School
Durham, NC