9 Period vs. 8-9 (Hybrid) Survey - April 2017 - Second Round - (copy)

Please read the March 29 UFT Staff Meeting minutes before completing this survey, if you need to refresh your memory on the two options below. Once you are ready, please complete this survey ASAP. Thank you.




Please pick ONLY ONE of the following. The option you select is your number one option so you do not need to put a number 2. The survey is to be completed ASAP. Thank you.
    1 2
Option 1: "A" Day: 45 min periods, 3X per week; "B" Day: 41 min periods, 2X per week (Hybrid)  
Option 2: 40 min periods, 5X per week (Current configuration)  

Spanish Teacher
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
New York, NY