Historical Investigation: Reflection and feedback, 2017-18

Let's use this survey to reflect on what actually happened during the course of this project, and about what both you and I could do better next time!


  1. Describe your experience preparing your historical investigation.

            1 2 3 4 5      
      My final Research Question is one that greatly interests me personally. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I quickly focused in on my final definition of a Research Question. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      By the end, I had a rich set of sources, which allowed me to answer my RQ based on a fully adequate base of historical evidence. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I quickly IDENTIFIED the set of historical sources required by my Research Question. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I quickly OBTAINED the set of historical sources I needed. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      By the end, I had come to a very good understanding of the main sources I obtained, through a combination of skimming, reading and note-taking.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I made effective use of the full two months we had to go through (read/skim) my sources. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I quickly came to understand what this project requires.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I quickly defined an overall plan for my investigation: the kind of evidence I would need, and what I would do with that evidence to answer my RQ. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I largely followed the schedule (and met the deadlines) defined by my instructor for carrying out this project. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I made full use of the capabilities and resources included in Noodle Tools Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I developed a full outline for my investigation before I ever started writing it.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I wrote a full version of my investigation and left at least a day to "let it sit" and edit it before submitting it.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I consulted my instructor about issues that arose in the course of my investigation. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I consulted other people about issues that arose in the course of my investigation. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      By the end, I was very satisfied with my historical investigation paper. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      By the end, I was very satisfied with the process I used to prepare my historical investigation paper. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  

  1. Assess these resources we used in preparing the historical investigation:

            1 2 3 4 5      
      The instructor's overall organization of this project Excellent  Poor  
      The overall timetable for preparation Excellent  Poor  
      The amount of class time devoted to the process Excellent  Poor  
      The instructor's general verbal guidelines and explanations Excellent  Poor  
      The instructor's one-to-one help  Excellent  Poor  
      The NoodleTools source citations module Excellent  Poor  
      The NoodleTools note-taking module Excellent  Poor  
      The NoodleTools outlining module Excellent  Poor  
      The overall benefits of using the integrated Noodle Tools platform Excellent  Poor  
      The sample Historical Investigations from the IB Excellent  Poor  
      The instructor's written guidelines in the "HI Steps and Guidelines" document Excellent  Poor  
      The instructor's other written resources in the Historical Investigation section of History-Schmistory and Noodle Tools.  Excellent  Poor  
      The end-of-project filled-out individual evaluation sheet  Excellent  Poor  

  1. What you are particularly proud/happy/surprised that you achieved through this project?

  1. What would you like to do better in a future project of this kind? Try to describe the lesson(s) you learned in a down-to-earth way that a future student can understand and apply!

  1. If there is anything not captured in a previous question, what did the instructor do WELL in the course of this project?

  1. What could the instructor do BETTER next time this project is done?

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