PureCloud Post-Training Assessment (Resi Sales/Onboarding)


  1. Rate your ability to perform the following tasks in PureCloud (Calls)

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10      
      Logging in, be ready to receive interactions Poor Excellent  
      Use Aux Codes correctly (break, lunch, meeting, etc) Poor Excellent  
      Answer calls Poor Excellent  
      Pause-resume when taking payments Poor Excellent  
      Transfer to Secure Payment Poor Excellent  
      Transfer to another group Poor Excellent  
      Transfer to specific agents Poor Excellent  
      Transfer to IVR Poor Excellent  
      Handle a scheduled ACD callback Poor Excellent  
      Initiate a non-ACD callback Poor Excellent  
      End calls - send to survey Poor Excellent  
      End calls - wrap up codes Poor Excellent  
      CTI POP: View Customer/Associate's IVR selections Poor Excellent  
      CTI POP: View Customer/Associate's Information Poor Excellent  
      CTI POP: Main Screen Poor Excellent  
      CTI POP: Use Quick Links Poor Excellent  
      CTI POP: Change language Poor Excellent  
      Screen share (Co-browse) with customers Poor Excellent  
      Use Non-ACD Chat to chat with Supervisor/Peers Poor Excellent  

  1. Rate how well you understand the features/options of the IVR and your ability to explain them to Customers/Associates

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10      
      ONE number: 866-44-8732 for everything Poor Excellent  
      Spanish option for all at the beginning  Poor Excellent  
      Main Menu options Poor Excellent  
      Caller authentication Poor Excellent  
      How to reach Associate Support Poor Excellent  
      How to reach a Customer Service agent Poor Excellent  
      How to reach an Enrollments agent Poor Excellent  
      How to reach a Commercial agent Poor Excellent  
      How to reach a Wireless agent Poor Excellent  
      How to pay bills through the IVR Poor Excellent  
      Virtual Hold (save your plance in line, we'll call your back) Poor Excellent  

  1. Rate your understanding and ability to use these functions within PureCloud:

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10      
      Review your stats and metrics (today's) Poor Excellent  
      Review your stats and metrics (historical) Poor Excellent  
      Review your schedule Poor Excellent  
      Review your QA monitors Poor Excellent  

  1. Is there something in particular about PureCloud that you feel you need to learn that was not reviewed in training?

  1. What kind of feedback have you received yesterday/today from customers/associates regarding the IVR?
    Do you have any suggestions to improve it?