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Chapter 4 Vocabulary Review

Use the flash cards first.

conquistadorany of the Spanish conquerors in the Americas in the early 1500s
civil wara war between people of the same country
granta gift of money to be used for a special purpose
mainlandthe main part of a continent, rather than an island near the continent
rumora story that has been told but has not been proven
claimto declare that you or your country owns something
desertion running away from duties, such as military service
missionarya person who teaches his or her religion to others
colonya settlement ruled by another country
colonista person who lives in a colony
plantationa huge farm
Northwest Passagea water route that explorers wanted to find so that traders could cut through North America
trade networka system in which trade takes place between certain groups of people
agenta person who does business for other people
armadaa fleet of warships
profitin a business, money left over after everything has been paid
pilgrima person who makes a journey for a religious reason
compactan agreement
Mayflower Compactan agreement by those on the Mayflower to make and obey laws for their colony. 1st example of self-rule by American colonists
interpretera person who translates from one language to another

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