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Latin 1B: Stage 15 Vocabulary A

This is the first half of your vocabulary list. I have provided the ACCUSATIVES so you can see the stem. NOTA BENE (note well): I am putting the gender labels on the words so you can see the neuters that we have had.

effigies/effigiem (f)statue, likeness
sacerdos/sacerdotem (m)priest
plaustrum/plaustrum (n)wagon, cart
teneo, tenEre, tenuiI hold
princeps/principem (m)chieftain, chief
agmen/agmen (n)procession, column of people
qui (m), quae (f), quod (n)who, which
redeo, redire, rediiI go back, I return
claudo, claudere, clausiI block, shut
debeo, debEre, debuiI owe, I ought
fossa/fossam (f)ditch
alius (m), alia (f), aliud (n)other, another
fractus (m), fracta (f), fractum (n)broken
equus/equum (m)horse

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